Aqueous-salt Smoked Salmon

Smoked salmon processors need to determine the water-phase salt during processing to ensure the optimum shelf-life in meeting their product quality specifications and regulatory requirements.

We offer a practical and precise method of achieving this during processing in the production area

Sample preparation includes blending a salmon sample and using two samples from the blend

One sample is dried in a microwave oven equipped with our custom-designed Microwave Drying Standduring a 2-minute drying cycle with the moisture content obtained on the Loss-on-Drying basis.


The second sample is processed by a simple procedure using the DiCromat II Salt Analyser to determine the salt content in the salmon to an accuracy of 0.1 of chemical titration methods – but in a few minutes and without chemicals.

The moisture and salt results are then used to rapidly calculated the Aqueous-phase Salt level to permit processing corrections to be made for effective quality control at this processing stage.

Monitoring and control at this processing stage offers many advantages in achieving-