Closure integrity Inspection

Closure Detection with Vacuum or Pressure Monitoring in cans, jars, bottles for seal integrity and ensure long-life food preservation:

  • Closure Monitor for 2 & 3-piece cans with metal ends with standard or Easy-Open lids:
  • Ultrasonic Closure Monitor for cans, plastic and glass containers with non-metallic caps or ends.
  • Closure Monitor for glass and plastic glass jars with metal ends.
  • Closure Monitor with Remote Display for elevated and inclined conveyors or cable track installations.
  • Closure Monitor for tall tapered-neck glass jars & bottles.
  • Double-end (top & bottom) closure monitoring for 3-piece cans, and fish cans
  • Aluminium & Foil Laminate Lids on individual plastic pots and trays for closure monitoring.
  • Foil Laminate Lid Closure monitoring – no vacuum – Pre-Conditioning unit required



Faulty Container Pneumatic rejecters:

  • Standard Speed rejecter < 850 cpm
  • Sanitary Stainless Steel Shrouded standard speed rejecter
  • High -Speed Stainless Steel Shrouded rejecter < 2000 cpm

Canning line controls:

  • Diversion of cans from one lane to an adjacent or another lane
  • No-lid detector
  • Lane Selector of cans into two or multiple lanes