Moisture Monitoring Thermoplastics


Moisture monitoring in Plastics resins and thermoplastic materials with very low moisture content for high-specification moulded components or parts:

The Sartorious LMA100HP Quartz-infrared Moisture Analyser provides results in minutes with a higher 0.005% precision and very low standard deviation for heat sensitive materials with moisture levels as low as 50 ppm.

The LMA100HP conforms to ASTM standard D6980, “Standard Test method for Determination of Moisture in Plastics by Loss in Weight” and results correlate to oven and Karl Fischer coulometric titration.

Practical advantages of being usable in production environments, in using a large 25 – 50 gram sample, with no daily calibration and results in minutes for dynamic quality monitoring and dryer control to optimise throughput and conserve energy costs

Application examples in Plastics from over 6,000 pre-calibrated resins and thermoplastic materials

  • ABS Crcolac
  • ABS Lustran
  • Acetal Delrin
  • Acrylic Acrylite
  • PC Lexan 500
  • PC Makrolon
  • PBT Celanex
  • PBT Valox
  • LCP Zenithe
  • HDPE Petrothene
  • PP Thermofill
  • PU Isoplast
  • PSU Udel
  • PS Styron
  • PETG Eastar
  • PCBT Xenoy
  • Nylon 6 Acrylite Ultraflow
  • Nylon 6 Capron
  • Nylon 6 Durathane
  • Nylon 6/6 Zytel
  • Nylon 11 Ristan
  • PET Kosa
  • PET Traytuff
  • PET Rynite

Application benefits: