Salt monitoring Food & Dairy


Salt Analysers: Food, Dairy, Meat, Snacks, Bakery, Smoked Salmon – Aqueous, Cured Fish, Sauces & Ready/Recipe meals applications

  • DiCromat II Salt Analysers accurate to 0.1 of BS chemical titration sodium chloride results in minutes with minimal sample preparation for laboratory
  • Ease of use for quality-monitoring in labs or by operatives “beside-the-line” in production.
  • DiCromat II-6 Salt Analyser for up to 6 calibrated product set-points.
  • DiCromat II-24 Salt Analyser for up to 24 calibrated product set-points.
  • DiCromat II-24P Salt Analyser with calibration security protection. For “beside-the-line” production monitoring applications for dynamic quality control.
  • DiCromat with Thermal Printer, for hardcopy results for due-diligence records using RS-232 interface port and cable.
  • Thermal Printer enclosure, IP-54 waterproof rating, for food production environments with a transparent plastic hinged lid for clear printout view and easy removal of individual results.
  • Computer interface for real-time data capture and reporting system.
  • Smoked salmon aqueous-salt monitoring in combination with microwave sample drying to obtain essential moisture % by LOD.
  • Dynamic use to test every batch for quality release to satisfy BRC requirements
Salt Monitoring